Must Read News Articles – September 7

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Rights of Citizens, Society 

In defence of the Individual : (The Indian Express)

The article deals with the recent order of National Broadcasting Standards Authority. The article explores the idea of individuality and primacy of an individual.

Truth, without fear or favour : (The Indian Express)

The killings of literary figures who write against fundamentalism norms and the need to protect their right to life, belief and expression.

Attacks by Cow Vigilantes Must Stop, SC Tells Centre : (The Hindu)

Cow vigilantism a threat to right of life and belief for Minorities (Dalits and Muslims) and need and way to stop it.

Policies, Laws and Initiatives

Focus on ‘Impactful’ Smart City Projects: Centre : (The Hindu)

The projects which will bring attention of masses on working and benefits of Smart City.

A Case for Universal Medical Care : (The Hindu)

A look into why an opposition to NEET is a smokescreen to hide inequalities and exploitation.

India and neighbors

Welcome The Refugee: (The Indian Express)

The article revolves around India’s stand on providing shelter to Rohingya Muslims.

Modi Gives Call to Respect Myanmar’s Integrity: (The Hindu)

PM Modi’s visit to Myanmar and highlighting the importance of stable Myanmar for India.

India China rebooting ties Post – Doklam : (The Hindu)

To reboot ties that address points of friction between two nations before they develop into full blown crisis. Is the change in attitude of China as reflected in Xiamen declaration is for real?

Rohingya Muslims has Nowhere to Go : (Livemint)

The plight of Rohingyas, rendered stateless and being evacuated from their homeland forcefully.


Pollution and conservation

Mountains of Garbage: (The Hindu)

The need to have a constructive and enforced waste management rules.

Development must be Climate Smart : (The Hindu)

Urbanisation and its effect on ecology has been seen in recent disasters like Chennai Flooding, Mumbai flooding etc. The need to develop a resilient urbanisation strategy

Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

District Wise Plan to Help Boost Manufacturing: (The Hindu)

Revaluation of Make in India  and focus on Design in India.

Centre Set Up Panel to Suggest on New Jobs : (The Hindu)

A committee under Niti Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar to recommend measured to increase employment by promoting labour intensive exports.

Welcome Support for the New Bankruptcy Law: (Livemint)

The Bankruptcy law and the contradict between SC and RBI regarding how to move ahead with bad loans.

The slow GDP growth in the first quarter is a warning signal : (Livemint)

Exploring the long term and short term shocks/issues which are behind the lower GDP growth as seen in the first quarter of Financial year 2017 -18

The promise of fiscal money : (Livemint)

In context of current globalised economic set up, the role and Authority of Central Banks of the country in deciding the Monetary Policy is evaluated.


Prelims Related News/Facts

The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act of 1971 does not allow abortion if the pregnancy has crossed 20 weeks. Under the 1971 law, an exception to the 20-week cap is made if a registered medical practitioner certifies to a court that the continued pregnancy is life-threatening for either the mother or the baby. This was meant to be a safeguard against female foeticide.



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