Navy Inducts Indigenously Developed Torpedo Decoy System

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News: Indian Navy has inducted an Indigenously developed Advanced Torpedo Decoy System named Maareech.


  • Maareech Advanced Torpedo Defence System(ATDS): It is a torpedo detection and countermeasure system to be used by the Indian Navy. 
  • Developed by: It has been designed and developed indigenously by the DRDO labs – Naval Science and Technological Laboratory(NSTL) and Naval Physical & Oceanographic Laboratory(NPOL).
  • Significance: It is capable of detecting, locating and neutralizing incoming torpedoes and to apply countermeasures to protect naval platforms against torpedo attack. 
  • How does it work?The ATDS first detects and then confuse and divert the torpedo attack on ships from under the water.By diverting torpedoes’ original course, it forces it to lose its energy thus preventing it from being effective on target.

Additional Facts:

  • Torpedoes: They are self propelled weapons with a warhead and can be used under or on the water surface.They are one of the mainstay of sea-warfare attack systems.
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