New species of gecko found in Gujarat named after Vindhya hills

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Source: The post is based on the article “New species of gecko found in Gujarat named after Vindhya hills” published in the Hindustan Times on 20th March 2023.

What is the News?

Recently, a new species of naked-toed gecko (Cyrtopodion Vindhya) has been discovered in Gujarat.

About Cyrtopodion Vindhya

Cyrtopodion Vindhya
Source: Hindustan Times

The newly discovered naked-toed gecko has been named ‘Cyrtopodion Vindhya’ and it is the fifth endemic species of reptile described in the last fifteen years from the state of Gujarat.

Distribution: The Palearctic naked-toed geckos of the genus Cyrtopodion are a group of gekkonid lizards distributed across the arid regions of north Africa, Arabia, and Central Asia to northwestern India.

Note: The taxonomic history of the genus Cyrtopodion has been unstable, and 23 species are currently recognized, with the diversity concentrated in Pakistan and Iran.

Named after: Vindhya hill ranges.

Characteristics: The newly discovered reptile is a nocturnal species, associated with granite boulders. Mostly rupicolous( living among rocks) in its habits but can be found on the ground as well.

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