NGT slams MoEF over National Clean Air Programme

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News: National Green Tribunal has slammed the Ministry of Environment over its report on the National Clean Air Programme(NCAP) which proposes 20-30% reduction of air pollution by 2024.It said that the stand of MoEF that pollution cannot be controlled except to the extent of certain percent is against Constitutional and statutory mandate. 


  • National Clean Air Programme(NCAP): It was launched in 2019 by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change(MoEFCC).It is a five-year action plan with 2019 as the first year.
  • Aim: To meet the prescribed annual average ambient air quality standards at all locations in the country in a stipulated time frame.
  • Target: 20%–30% reduction of PM2.5 and PM10 concentration by 2024, taking 2017 as the base year for the comparison of concentration.
  • Coverage:The plan identified earlier 102 non-attainment cities, across 23 States and Union Territories. 20 more non-attainment cities have been included under NCAP based on latest data trend on air quality.

Additional Facts:

  • National Green Tribunal: It was established in 2010 under the National Green Tribunal Act 2010.The responsibility of the tribunal is to work on the disposal of cases related to environmental protection, conservation of forests and other natural resources.
  • The Tribunal is not bound by the procedure laid down under the Code of Civil Procedure,1908 but is guided by principles of natural justice.
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