Political Science Optional Questions – Test 1 : Mains Marathon

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Dear Friends,

We are starting Political Science Optional Initiative.

Test 1 : Political Science Mains Marathon


Comment in about 150 words each (10 marks each)

1. Doctrine of Basic Structure

2. Cooperative Federalism

3. Constitutional role of Governor

4. Gandhi’s concept of ‘Swaraj’

Answer the following (15 marks, 200 words)

5. Identify the reasons for secessionist movements in India. Has government dealt with it successfully? Give reasons.            

6. Examine the role of election commission in conducting free and fair elections in India. Has it been given enough powers to function as expected?

7. How has the nature of electoral participation changed in recent years? has it become more representative?

 Answer the following (15 marks, 200 words)

8. Write a note on the changing nature of Public interest litigation in India. Has it been serving its purpose?

9. Write the steps taken by the Supreme court and Election commission in the decriminalization of Parliament.

10. Mihir Shah committee has recommended setting up of permanent National Water Commission. What is the lacuna in present river dispute resolution? Highlight the role of Supreme Court settling interstate river disputes. How effective has it been? Discuss.

Note: Plan would be uploaded soon.

All Mains Marathon Optional Questions are updated in this page.


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