Political Science Optional Questions – Test 4 : Mains Marathon

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Test 4 : Political Science Mains Marathon


Q.1   To what extent it is correct to call Kautilya as the Indian Machiavelli? Discuss.

Q.2   In what way Hobbes and Locke legitimizes the authority of state over individual?

Q.3 “Nationalism is a step in the enlargement of human consciousness.” Explain the above statement with respect to Aurobindo Ghosh.

Q.4   How is Liberty a precondition for Equality? What is the relation between Liberty, Equality, Justice?

Q.5 “Each person possesses inviolability founded on justice which cannot be Overridden for the sake of welfare.” Discuss in terms of Rawl’s theory of justice.

Q.6″The fundamental issue of Republic is the discovery of nature and habitation of justice.” Discuss this statement as per Plato’s conception of justice.

Q.7 Examine the reasons why Behaviouralism called for an end to normative theory. Give reasons for the rise of Post-Behaviouralism.

Q.8 “Socialism is dead, and it largely the dynamics unleashed by globalisation that has brought its demise.” Do you think discussion of socialism in the age of globalisation is pointless?

Q.9 Write short notes on:

a) Participatory Democracy

b)“Natural rights are nonsense, nonsense upon stilts”- Explain.

Q.10 Compare instrumentalist and structuralist perspective on state with reference to the debate between Ralph Miliband and Nicole Polantza.

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