Preparing For Wars of Tomorrow – on advance weapons

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Source– The post is based on the article “Preparing For Wars of Tomorrow” published in The Times of India on 28th October 2022.

Syllabus: GS3- Security

Relevance– Changing nature of warfare

News- The article explains the need for re-assessing war doctrines in context changing nature of warfare.

Why is there a need to re-assess war-fighting doctrines and techniques?

New Developments in Russia-Ukraine war like attacks on strategic infrastructure like the Nord Stream pipeline and the Kerch bridge, are emphasising the need to reassess.

Earlier military needs and doctrines were drivers of innovation. For example, the requirement of detecting aircraft led to development of radar.

Things have reversed now. Tech-driven products are coming first. Doctrines are re-aligned by assessing how these products fit into overall military capability.

Importance of drones has increased. The 21st century will witness the see-saw battle between drone and counter-drone systems. Military across the world are evolving doctrines that incorporate drone warfare.

Use of drones and cutting-edge technologies in the Ukraine conflict shows the changing character of war.

What should be the approach of the defence establishment?

Complex weapons systems take decades of R&D. Once introduced into service, they continue for three to four decades. The platforms now included should be relevant beyond 2050 and beyond.

There is a need for a transformative approach with dynamic interplay between doctrine and technology.

Primaeval nature of war has not changed. There is centricity of land in all formulations. Technology cannot supplant the boots on ground. Sovereignty and integrity of territory can only be achieved by physical presence of troops.

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