Psychology Optional Strategy: ForumIAS User Sipu Giri, Rank 175, Psychology Marks 273, Download Notes

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Strategy for Psychology Optional

Sipu Giri, AIR 175, CSE-2016

(Psychology Marks: p1-134, p2-139)

Booklist Paper 1 NCERT Class 11 and 12 One of the core book (morgan and king or ciccarelli or atkinson hilgrad) Khan academy videos Paper 2 Smarak Swain sir book Answer Writing For answer writing in psychology, I gave as many examples as possible from real life, sighted research studies, and tried to make answers diverse, multi-dimensional and simple. I relied mostly on self made notes from ncerts, internet,etc (I have provided the link to my notes). Link Again, I practiced the answer writing part thoroughly. i didn’t get any coaching for psychology or any test series, and relied mostly on my self notes and attempting previous year papers in time bound manner. Psychology as an optional Regarding psychology as an optional, I would say that it is one of the very safe optional to take. You may not expect a very high score, but certainly you can get a respectable score (and can even score more than that). It is a very interesting subject. It can be easily covered in 3 months time, doesn’t require any coaching. My Journey with ForumIAS ForumIAS is a very unique platform where aspirants can interact with fellow peers and successful seniors. I really struggled to contact seniors for guidance and ForumIAS was very instrumental in this. ForumIAS has also helped during the interview preparation stage. To ForumIAS Thank you ForumIAS for providing me this opportunity to share my journey. Hope it will help the aspirants in their journey. Thank you again for all the guidance, blessings and support.

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