Psychology Optional Test 2 for UPSC Mains 2017 : Mains Marathon

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Friends, Here is the 2nd Mains Marathon Psychology Optional Test.

Below is the Test:

Psychology Mains Marathon Test-2

Thinking and Problem Solving

1. What is set? How does it facilitate or hinder problem solving? Give experimental evidence. 2. What are the general strategies used in problem solving? How do they differ from domain specific procedures? 3. Comment on Piaget’s contribution to the field of education and critique his theory. 4. State the behaviorist and cognitive perceptive to concept formation. 5. Heuristics are highly fallible, yet widely used decision making strategy. Why? 6. “It is through others that we become ourselves”. Explain the statement in context of Vygotsky’s socio cultural theory of development. 7. Discuss the difference between mundane and exceptional creativity. Describe the confluence approach to creativity. 8. How novices differ from experts in problem solving?

Language And Communication

1. Discuss language acquisition components with respect to the age at which it is acquired. 2. What are the processes of language production? Explain. 3. Discuss the relationship between language and thought. 4. Language causes barriers in communication despite that is the most important tool in communication. Comment in detail. 5. Illustrate the superiority of non verbal communication over verbal communication. 6. How is Chomsky’s theory different from Skinner’s theory? Also, discuss the modifications of Chomsky’s theory.

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