Qatar exit visa system to end this year:U.N

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  1. According to the UN’s International Labour Organization,Qatar will abolish its controversial exit visa system for all foreign workers by the end of 2019. Qatar has introduced a series of labor reforms since its selection to host the 2022 football World Cup.
  2. In September 2018,Qatar had approved legislation to scrap the kafala or sponsorship system.The legislation went into force for 5% of company’s workforce reportedly those in the most senior positions.
  3. The kafala system is a system used to monitor migrant laborers working primarily in the construction and domestic sectors in countries such as Bahrain,Iraq,Jordan,Lebanon,Kuwait,Oman,Qatar,Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
  4. The Kafala system requires foreign workers to have an in-country sponsor usually their employer who is responsible for their visa and legal status.The migrant worker cannot enter the country,transfer employment nor leave the country for any reason without first obtaining explicit written permission usually from his employer.
  5. This practice has been criticised by human rights organizations for creating easy opportunities for the exploitation of workers as many employers take away passports and abuse their workers with little chance of legal repercussions.

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