Q. ARMEX-21 was sometimes seen in the news. Which of the following correctly explains the term?

[A] It is a bilateral military exercise between India and the United Kingdom

[B] It is a multilateral naval exercise between BIMSTEC countries

[C] It is a Skilling Expedition conducted by the Indian Army

[D] It is the exercise between Indian and Australian Air Forces.

Answer: C

Recently, Union Defence Minister has flagged-in the Indian Army Skiing Expedition (ARMEX-21) in New Delhi.

  • ARMEX-21 is an Army Skilling Expedition conducted by the Indian Army.
  • Purpose: It was conducted in the mountain ranges of the Himalayan region to promote the adventure activity in the country and the Indian Army.
  • During the expedition, the team covered 1,660 kms from Karakoram Pass in Ladakh to Malari in Uttarakhand. They also gathered information about several hitherto uncharted areas along the international boundary.

Source: Defence Minister flags-in Indian Army Skiing Expedition, ARMEX-21