Q. Part XVI of the Constitution of India provides special provisions for certain classes. Consider the following provisions
1. Reservation for women in Legislatures
2. Reservation for SC/STs in Private Jobs
3. Educational Grants for Anglo-Indian community
4. Formation of National Commission for Backward Classes
How many of the above-given provisions are included under Part XVI?

[A] Only one

[B] Only two

[C] Only three

[D] All four

Answer: B

Exp) Option b is the correct answer.

In order to realise the objectives of equality and justice as laid down in the Preamble, the Constitution makes special provisions for the scheduled castes (SCs), the scheduled tribes (STs), the backward classes (BCs) and the AngloIndians. These special provisions are contained in Part XVI of the Constitution from Articles 330 to 342A are related to the following:

  • Reservation in Legislatures
  • Special Representation in Legislatures
  • Reservation in Services and Posts
  • Educational Grants (Hence option 3 is correct)
  • Appointment of National Commissions (Hence option 4 is correct)
  • Appointment of Commissions of Investigation

Option 1 is incorrect. Under part XVI seats are reserved in the House of the People for — (the Scheduled Castes; [(the Scheduled Tribes except the Scheduled Tribes in the autonomous districts of Assam; and] (the Scheduled Tribes in the autonomous districts of Assam. There is no provision of reservation for women in legislatures.

Option 2 is incorrect. Part XVI does not contain provisions for reservation of certain classes in Private jobs. Hence this option is incorrect.

Option 3 is correct. Under part XVI, article 337 provides for special provision with respect to educational grants for the benefit of Anglo-Indian community. Hence this statement is correct.

Option 4 is correct. Under part XVI, article 338B provides for a Commission for the socially and educationally backward classes to be known as the National Commission for Backward Classes.