Q. Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust is a concessional financial support is related to which of the following Institution?

[A] World Bank

[B] Global Environmental Facility

[C] International Monetary Fund

[D] World Economic Forum

Answer: C

The IMF’s various lending instruments are tailored to different types of balance of payments need as well as the specific circumstances of its diverse membership (see table).  

All IMF members are eligible to access the Fund’s resources in the General Resources Account (GRA) on non-concessional terms, but the IMF also provides concessional financial support (currently at zero interest rates through June 2021) through the Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust (PRGT; see IMF Support for Low-Income Countries), which is better tailored to the diversity and needs of low-income countries. 

Source: https://www.imf.org/en/About/Factsheets/IMF-Lending