Q. Russia’s Far East borders:

[A] Arctic and Atlantic Ocean

[B] Indian and Pacific Ocean

[C] Pacific and Arctic Ocean

[D] Atlantic and Pacific Ocean

Answer: C

Explanation – Russia’s Far East is a vast and diverse region that encompasses the easternmost part of Russia and the Asian continent. This expansive territory stretches from Lake Baikal to the Pacific Ocean. The region’s geography is characterized by its immense size and varied landscape. It borders two oceans – the Pacific and the Arctic – and shares land borders with Mongolia, China, and North Korea, as well as maritime boundaries with Japan and the United States. The Far East is rich in natural resources, playing a crucial role in Russia’s economy. About one-third of Russia’s coal reserves and hydro-engineering resources are located in the Far East. The region’s forests comprise approximately 30% of Russia’s total forest area.

Source: The Hindu