Q. The “Head on Generation (HOG)” technology is sometimes in news is related to which of the following?

[A] Driverless car

[B] Drones

[C] Tractors

[D] Trains

Answer: D

The South-Central Railway (SCR) announced the introduction of a new technology – Head on Generation (HOG) system – in Telangana Express where power from the engine would be supplied to the entire train for lighting and air-conditioning. 

  • The trains like these have two power cars known as End on Generators (EOG) on either end to provide electricity to all the coaches. 
  • These power cars produce electricity by the diesel generators with each using 40 litres of fuel per hour for a non-AC coach and 65-70 litres of diesel per hour per coach in case of an AC coach. 
  • The new HOG technology obviates the need for using diesel as power is tapped from the overhead electric traction lines through a pantograph to the train engine and the same is distributed to the trailing coaches.  
  • Earlier, the power supply from the overhead electric traction was being used to only run the engine and haul the coaches. 
  • “The new system does not require any diesel and hence, will reduce air and noise pollution, besides providing uninterrupted illumination in all the coaches.  
  • On an average, it will reduce carbon emission by 700 metric tonnes per year per train”. 

Source: The Hindu