Q. The term “Debt Trap Diplomacy” is often seen in news is associated with which of the following country?

[A] China

[B] United States of America

[C] Japan

[D] Russia

Answer: A

There has recently been a spate of articles and studies across the United States and Europe that seek to debunk the ‘debt trap diplomacy’ of China under its multi-billion dollar connectivity project, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).  

  • This type of diplomacy refers to offering projects/loans on terms that end up being too difficult for countries to repay, eventually compelling them to accept political or economic concessions.  
  • China’s BRI has resulted in several such unsustainable debt-for-infrastructure deals, which nevertheless, further Beijing’s geostrategic interests by increasing its global presence and influence. 

Source: https://thewire.in/world/china-debt-trap-diplomacy-south-asia-europe