Q. Which of the following statements correctly define B3W?

[A] Proposal by G7 to address infrastructure investment deficit in developing & lower income countries.

[B] Anti-money laundering initiative by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

[C] Global coalition to build back a resilient environment by limiting global warming under 1.5oC.

[D] A manufacturing and distribution initiative by WHO to provide COVID vaccines to low-income countries.

Answer: A

G-7 leaders have proposed Build Back Better World (B3W) to counter China’s rising influence across 100-plus countries through Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects. BRI projects are perceived as debt traps laid by China for its strategic dominance in trade, foreign policy and geopolitics in the world. The proposal, though at an early stage, aims to address the infrastructure investment deficit in developing and lower income countries. China has capitalized on this gap through its 2,600 BRI projects with trillions of dollars of investment.