Q. Which of the following tree is also called as “Magic Tree”?

[A] Palm tree

[B] Banyan tree

[C] Drumstick tree

[D] Papaya tree

Answer: C

Magic Moringa Tree has been crowned by WHO as a magical tree. In Europe and America was happening once called as “Miracle Tree”.  

  • Apparently it’s called “Kelor Tree” in Indonesia.  
  • Researchers have finally unravelled how each part of drumstick (Moringa oleifera), the “magic tree”, is nutritionally rich compared with other plants such as rice, papaya, spinach and cocoa.  
  • All the five tissues — stem, root, leaf, flower and seed — of drumstick studied were found to be rich either in certain vitamins or essential minerals. 
  • A team led by Prof. from the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bengaluru analysed the genes on complimentary DNA (cDNA) of all the five tissues. 
  • The team found drumstick leaves, which are the most nutritious part of the tree, are rich in vitamins, while the roots are mineral-rich.  
  • The stem is rich in vitamin C and the flowers and seeds are rich in potassium. The pod and flower also have enzymes that help bring down cholesterol level. 

Source: The Hindu