Q. Which one of the following statements correctly defines the Milky seas effect?

[A] It refers to appearance of white foam over the sea surface due to release from ships.

[B] It refers to occurrence of thin sheet of ice over the sea surface post glacier melting.

[C] It is a luminous phenomenon in which large areas of sea appear to glow translucently.

[D] None of the above.

Answer: C

About Milky seas effect:

  • Milky seas are also called mareel. It is a luminous phenomenon in the ocean, in which large areas of seawater appear to glow translucently (in varying shades of blue)
  • Such occurrences glow brightly enough at night to be visible from satellites orbiting Earth.
  • Luminous bacteria (called Vibrio harveyi) cause the particles to glow when they colonize.

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