Report reveals risk to cloud platform

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  1. According to a Sophos report titled ‘Exposed:Cyberattacks on Cloud Honeypots’ more than five million attacks were attempted on the global network of 10 honeypots within a 30-day period.This demonstrates how cybercriminals are automatically scanning for weak open cloud buckets.
  2. Cybercriminals has also attacked a Mumbai cloud server honeypot with more than 6.7 Lakh attempts over a 30-day period.It is second to a US-based honeypot at Ohio that recorded more than 9.5 Lakh login attempts during the same period.
  3. A honeypot is a system designed to mimic likely targets of cyber-attackers so that security researchers can monitor cyber criminal behaviour.
  4. The types of honeypots are (a)A low-interaction honeypot is a honeypot that once found by the hacker,will not be of much use to them and (b)A high-interaction honeypot permits the attacker to go further in order to gather additional information about their intentions.
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