Reservation for the poor from this academic year

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  1. A high-power committee on quota for the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) appointed by the Andhra Pradesh government has decided to roll out reservations for EWS in educational institutions. The reservations would come into force from next academic year.
  2. The committee has decided to extend 5% reservation to Kapus and 5% reservation to other communities in the general category in educational institutions. In February 2019, the Andhra Pradesh assembly had passed a bill to provide quota in education and employment to Kapus, Ontari, Balija and Telaga sub-castes.
  3. The committee has also suggested the government that the reservation should be implemented in future recruitments. The committee would submit roster point proposals for the same.
  4. In January 2019, the central government had passed 103rd Constitutional Amendment Act. It provides for 10% reservation in government jobs and educational institutions for the economically weaker section in the unreserved category. It also provides for reservation in private unaided educational institutions.
  5. The legislation has given the power to States to determine the economic criteria for identification of beneficiaries.
  6. The 10% quota has been subjected to widespread debate and been criticised on grounds such as a) completely violates the Constitutional norm that economic criterion cannot be the only basis of reservation, b) violative of the equality principle enshrined in Article 14 of the Constitution as it excludes OBCs, SCs and STs from the scope of economic reservation c) breaches 50% reservation cap and d) provides reservation in private educational institutions which has been clearly barred by the SC in previous judgements.

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