Revision Classes +( Current Affairs) for Mains 2017 ( Offline )

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upsc pre result 2018



Dear Friends,

ForumIAS will be conducting Revision Classes for Mains 2017

If you are an MGP 2017 Student, we have discount of Rs. 1000 for you. Jsut enroll from link above, and write to with the subject “MGP Discount on Revision class” along with Instamojo Receipt, and we will credit back the amount of Rs. 1000 to your account.

Writing for Mains 2017. This is based on our past experience with students writing the Tests in the Mains Guidance Program ( MGP 2016 ).

The Revision classes are being brought in keeping in mind the changing pattern of UPSC Mains Examination and the expected change in Mains with tilting focus on asking Important Issues, and not merely Current Affairs limited to the three months preceding the exam.

We will be holding the first session in Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi on Monday 5:15PM on July 10. You need to register for the session by visiting the below link

forumias mains revision classes

Or click here to directly register. A nominal fee of Rs. 100 will be collected for the same. You will be provided handout for each class that you attend.

#1 Need for Revision Classes
  • The Mains Syllabus is vast. .  The Revision Classes aims to solve the problem of quickly revise the  syllabus, especially the parts of GS Paper 1, 2, 3 and 4 that are of contemporary leanings.
  • The Current Affairs takes a large percentage of the time of the candidate. However, with 200 words limit on answer, it is the width of coverage, and not the depth of coverage that is more important.
  • Secondly, it is the number of dimensions that one needs to know.  This is the single most important factor in getting more marks in questions in the Mains examination. This usually happens when candidates have read on the same topic from multiple sources to get a wider perspective.

How to achieve wider perspective, clarity in concepts and score better?

  • This is simple. You need to have (a)  having historic reading of the issue, that develops over the years of preparation. (b) by spending disproportionate amount of time in it.
  • When it comes to historic reading of issues , candidates writing their first and second Mains are severely disadvantaged as they are only aware of the latest updates.
  • When it comes to spending disproportionate amount of time, the period between Prelims and Mains requires one to invest time evenly on GS ( 4 Papers ) Essay ( 1 Paper ), Optional ( 2 Papers ). This is compounded with answer writing and Test Series.
  • The Revision classes will try to solve this problem by providing (a) 360 degree view of issues (b) providing study material on it, which are complete and do not require any further addition (c) providing possible questions and their model answers – so that you also develop the habit and skill of answer writing
  • This converts into better score in the exam. Plus, the time saved can be used to have a superior preparation

Let us take some examples

  • For example, while many of you were busy preparing for Prelims, the Qatar Crisis was brewing. It is a news that is important , and has to be understood. And many such news items are missed by you, and there are no more newspaper articles either on the issue
  • A better example is the Nepal Crisis, which is not fully understood even by people in their stages of attempts. This happens because they are not only not simple, have multiple stakeholders, but also have a historical context.
  • Last but not the least, candidates end up reading too many articles on these and their knowledge is limited to their last read position – and NOT the complete holistic picture
  • Because of these issues, what is a matter of understanding, becomes a matter of mugging up and memorizing.  This should never be the case. There is enough of mugging up to do in Optional.
#2 Cover ALL relevant Issues for Mains 2017
  • Through these classes we will cover EVERY single issue of relevance for the examination that has current relevance across all paper – GS Paper 1, 2, 3
  • We will be covering the Current Affairs from The Hindu, Express, Times of India and PIB. We will make sure that anything that has been in news and has possibility of coming will be covered.
  • Even the ones that occurred during prelims and the month before, which you did not do because you were not reading the newspaper.
#3 Nature of the classes
  • The classes are of the nature of active learning, which will entail discussing between 5-10 topics in  every class. The goal will be to close those topics once for all so that no further reading is needed on them.
  • The sessions will be active, and candidates will be also given possible questions on the topics discussed.
  • Through this, we will be able to cover more than 150+ issues and hundreds of important questions in a short span of time
#4 USP of the Revision Classes

There primary purpose of these classes are

  • Quickly covering all issues relevant for the GS Papers 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Developing the ability to write answers on the go
  • Doing away with the need to read newspaper, as we will cover everything that is needed.
#5 Will these classes be available online ?

As of now, the classes will not be available online. We may take a decision on that at a later date.

#6  I am interested in the program
This program is available in the offline mode only as of now. You can visit our Offline Center for the same 


 #7 Program Calendar
We will be holding two classes per week in the evening hours as follows
July – August : 2 Classes / Week between 5:15PM – 7:45PM
September : 10 classes to between September 5 – September 10
October : 3-4 Classes in the first week of October to cover any new issue that may have come up between September 15 – September 30
First Class is on July 10th. This class can be attended by all by registering here
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