SFG : Winners dont quit, Quitters do not win!

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Dear Friends,

We will now be moving to the second month of Select Focus Group for Prelims 2023. There is both good news and bad.

The good news is we have done core subjects like Polity, Economy, Modern History!

The bad news is that the subjects which actually determine selection in the Prelims – in the past 2018 era – like S&T, Ecology & Environment, Geography, Agriculture are yet to be done.

The increased level of competition has ensured that while most students are able to do well in Polity – Economy – because these are the subjects we start our preparation with – what is missing is a rock solid preparation in the subjects where less attention is paid.

In short this means, that polity and economy and MH are more like hygiene factors – which means that being great at them does not ensure clearing the cut off – but doing poorly definietly ensures missing the cut off.

The subjects mentioned above which we will be taking in second month – have become actual determinants of score and reaching cut off.

We also are likely to be weaker in these second-month-subjects because of two reasons

One, because there is Bible for it

Two, because by the time we reach these subjects, we are tired of studying. Every time. ( And every year, for some of us ! )

You have often asked us – what does it take to clear this exam.

We have this to share with you – that is – they stick to a plan till the end.

Winners don’t do different things, they do ordinary things differently.

Winners don’t quit, quitters don’t win!

If you have followed our last post, and you have watched the video, you should and must not miss the part where the candidate has said that I missed not a single test. You don’t clear Prelims with a mild approach if you have not done so before.

In short, our success will invariably – and sometimes unfortunately – depend on doing things we don’t like.

There will be a point when you will quit because

– Now you know how to crack Prelims[1]
– because you are not getting time to revise
– because you think you are more productive at home

We want to tell you these are rookie mistakes. Make only these mistakes only if this is your first attempt – for you can be forgiven because you did not know any better.

But if this is NOT your first attempt, do not make rookie mistakes. You had your first attempt to make all the mistakes of your life.

People jeopardize their own success

Some of you have been doing quite well in SFG. Some of you have been working and showing up, but not scoring well. We wan to tell that of the 100+ students from SFG whom we have in final list last year, not all were top scorers – but nearly all were consistent.

Half the game is in showing up.

A day will come when you have worked hard enough that you need some rest. Some sleep. Some comfort. Some Work/Study from home. Some lifestyle preparation. [2]

But that day is not today.

Don’t quit!

Show up tomorrow. And for the weeks to come!

And Success will be yours!

Until next time,

Your mentors



[1] This is the Eureka moment. Where we feel we have discovered something. The story goes that Archimedes had been wondering over a problem when it suddenly occured to him in a bathtub. He ran naked through the streets of Greece shouting Eureka – which means – “I found it!”

[2] Lifestyle preparation is one where we do not change our lifestyle to the demand of study plan. Rather we want to change the study plan to suit our lifestyle.

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