“Shramik Kalyan Portal” of Indian Railways

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What is the News?

Indian Railways ensured 100% compliance with the minimum wage pay to contract workers. E-application Shramik Kalyan Portal used for this purpose.

About Shramik Kalyan Portal:

  • Launched by: the Indian Railways in the year 2018.
  • Purpose: to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Minimum Wages Act. Also, to ensure that contractual workers of Indian Railways get their rightful due.

How does Shramik Kalyan Portal work?

  • The portal enables all Railway contractors to register themselves and subsequently add work orders issued by different Railway units.
  • The contractors also have to create a profile of each contract worker and update the wages provided to him/her on a regular basis.
  • Railway authorities before passing the contractors’ bills have to:
    • Check whether contract workers’ wage data have been uploaded by the contractor or not and
    • Ensure that wages paid by the contractors conform with the minimum wages fixed by the government.

Source: Indian Express

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