Explained: ‘Union’ or ‘central’ government?

Source: Indian Express Relevance: Understanding of subtle differences between often used terms is what will make your preparation meaningful and worthy. You can use this knowledge in essay and in your GS answers too. Synopsis: In Tamil Nadu, a controversy erupted recently over the new DMK government referring to the government of Prime Minister Narendra… Continue reading Explained: ‘Union’ or ‘central’ government?

The Union Government has a unifying effect

Contents1 Synopsis:2 Background:3 How are courts and media able to use the term central government?4 What was the intent of our constitutional makers?5 Why was the term ‘Centre’ or Central Government’ avoided? Synopsis: The term ‘Centre’ is absent in the Constitution as the Constituent Assembly did not want to centralise power. In this regard, the… Continue reading The Union Government has a unifying effect