International Air Transport Association(IATA)

News:IndiGo airlines has joined the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as a member. Facts: About IATA: International Air Transport Association(IATA) is a trade association for the world’s airlines. It represents some 290 airlines primarily major carriers, representing 117 countries, accounting for 82% of total air traffic. It was established in April 1945 and is a… Continue reading International Air Transport Association(IATA)

Pakistan opens a route for flights out of India

Pakistan has partially opened its airspace from India allowing Air India’s US and Europe bound flights to fly over it.The airspace has also been opened up for international airlines.The move will help the airlines save cost.However, flights originating or terminating in India were not allowed to use it. Earlier,Pakistan had shut down its airspace on… Continue reading Pakistan opens a route for flights out of India

SpiceJet joins global Airlines grouping IATA

SpiceJet has joined global airlines grouping International Air Transport Association(IATA) as a member.It became the first Indian low-cost carrier to join the IATA. The membership will allow SpiceJet to explore and grow its collaborations with international member airlines of the IATA grouping through interlining and code shares.It will also enable the carrier in seamlessly expanding… Continue reading SpiceJet joins global Airlines grouping IATA