Task force to improve India’s rights record

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News:Government is forming a task force to prepare a National Action Plan on Human Rights(NAPHR) as mandated under the UN Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) Universal Periodic Review(UPR).


About Universal Periodic Review(UPR):

  • UPR is a state-driven process under UN Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC).
  • It provides opportunities to member states to declare what actions they have taken to improve human rights and to fulfil their obligations.
  • A review cycle lasts four-and-half years, during which records of member states are reviewed.
  • In 2017,India had accepted 152 out of 250 recommendations on human rights. 
  • These pertain to sustainable development goals related to eliminating poverty, access to safe drinking water, sanitation and improving protection for women and children.

About the Task force:

  • The task force will involve the Union Home Ministry and the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and have representatives from ministries such as social justice and health.
  • National Action Plan on Human Rights(NAPHR) once implemented,will help mitigate the criticism India faces at international level when it comes to its human rights record as well as strengthen the social justice system.
  • It will also lead to stronger administration of justice, strengthening of human rights institutions, and linking of rights with development.

Additional information:

About NHRC:

  • The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is a statutory body. 
  • It was established under the Protection of Human Rights Act(PHRA), 1993.
  • NHRC deals with promotion and protection of human rights.

About UNHRC:

  • The United Nations Human Rights Council(UNHRC) is a United Nations body.It was was established in 2006.
  • Its mission is to promote and protect human rights around the globe as well as investigate alleged human rights violations.
  • The UNHRC has 47 members elected on a regional group basis from 5 groups.
  • The members are elected for a period of three years with a maximum of two consecutive terms.
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