UPSC IAS Interviews 2022 | State Based Questions | Bihar State

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In this post, we are releasing the state-based questions of Bihar state for UPSC IAS interviews 2022.

This post is a part of our series of state-based UPSC IAS interview questions. In this series, we are going to create state-specific posts, containing the questions that have been asked in the interviews on the basis of the home state of the candidate, mentioned in DAF.

You can take hints for your own interview preparation, from the type of questions asked.

State-based UPSC IAS interview questions for Bihar state

History-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Enlist famous Janpadas from Bihar?
  2. Which was the capital of Magadha empire?
  3. What changed in Bihar after the Battle of Buxar?
  4. Point out historical importance of Bihar since ancient period?
  5. How did Champaran Satyagraha changed the course of the freedom movement?
  6. Name some freedom fighters who hailed from Bihar.
  7. Who founded the Nalanda University? What led to the decline of the Nalanda University?
  8. Patna is the birthplace of one of the Sikh Guru. Can you name the Guru?
  9. Can you name any Neolithic site from Bihar?
  10. What was the reason of the peasant discontent which led to the formation of the Kisan Sabha in the 1920s?
  11. Who renamed the city of Patna as Azimabad?
  12. Did Bihar participate in the Revolt of 1857? Who was the main leader?
  13. Why did revolutionary terrorism spread in Bihar?
  14. What are the reasons for strong empires in the past originating from Bihar?
  15. There was a shift of a famous University from Bihar to Delhi. On its name there is PUSA

Art and Culture-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Tell us cultural history of Bihar?
  2. Enlist some specimen of Mauryan arts and architecture.
  3. Do you know about the Patna School of painting? One special feature.
  4. Sohar and Birha are types of folk music of Bihar. What is the theme of these music forms?
  5. How does the transfer of madhubani painting takes place from one generation to the next generation?
  6. Can you recall Jain Tirthankar associated with Bihar?
  7. What is the cultural significance of Bodh Gaya?
  8. Which Languages of Bihar is in 8th schedule of Indian constitution?
  9. Buddhism was a dominant religion in Bihar in the ancient times. Why did it decline?
  10. Can you name a few pilgrimage places in Bihar.
  11. Where in Bihar is the Vishwa Shanti Stupa located?
  12. What is lacquer craft? Which places are famous for lacquer work?
  13. Name few Unesco heritage sites in Bihar.

Politics-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. What is your opinion on political culture of Bihar ?
  2. Why Bihar is politically more active?
  3. So much money is spent on opinion and exit polls. There is no value in them except for entertainment purposes. What is your view?
  4. There are new trends of religious ideology based parties are increasing their presence in Bihar. Do you think this as a good or a bad sign?
  5. Rise of lefts in Bihar,stipulate reasons?
  6. What exactly happened in fodder scam?
  7. Impact of JP movement on Bihar’s politics?
  8. What was the reason behind the conflict and resignation of Amartya Sen from VC of Nalanda university?

Economics-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Why Manufacturing and Service sector is not developed in Bihar?
  2. What steps have been taken by the state government for the betterment of the Industry sector?
  3. Bihar is agriculture based economy but suffered from drought and flood, if you are decision maker ,what will you suggest?
  4. Which are koyala clusters in Bihar? Compare it with Jharkhand?
  5. What are the solutions will you suggest to prevent migration from Bihar?
  6. Do you think Bihar is a poor state. Mention a few reasons.
  7. tell us about the recent state budget.
  8. What were the steps taken to contain the pandemic? Mention some economic measures also.
  9. Bihar is one among the states to have removed the APMC mandis? is there any visible rise in farmer’s income? Then why is centre trying to push the same via farm bills?

Social issues based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Explain current caste structure of Bihar?
  2. What is status of dowry and female foeticide in your area?
  3. What are various issues of women and children in Bihar? Give its solutions?
  4. What is current status of naxalism in Bihar after Jharkhand separation?
  5. The state performs poorly on many social indicators. Reasons?
  6. Do you think liquor ban in the state has yielded desired results?
  7. What is your view on deaths caused by the lytchee consumption (AES)?
  8. According to you, is India failing Bihar or Bihar is failing India?

Geography and Environment-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Bihar is surrounded by how many states?
  2. Bihar and Nepal common rivers?
  3. Can you name some national parks/wildlife sanctuaries in the state?
  4. What are the reasons for floods in Bihar year after year?
  5. What solutions will you suggest?
  6. Some districts in Bihar face a problem of groundwater contamination caused by uranium. What do you think is the source of uranium in the state?
  7. Major minerals found in the state. Problems of mining.
  8. What are the series of rocks found in Bihar? (Kaimur, Vindhyan)
  9. what is the reason for more humidity in Eastern parts of Bihar?

Miscellaneous Questions:

  1. If I want to travel to Bihar what places would you suggest?
  2. What were the various issues that the migrants faced during the pandemic? Do you think the state has failed them?
  3. Tell us about the problems your district is facing? As a DM how will you handle these problems?
  4. What actions will you take to control law and order s an IPS officer?

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