[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #152 : R.N. Choubey Board, Maharashtra Home State, Running, cooking Hobbies

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Date of Interview: 2nd Sept.
Board: R. N. Choubey sir
Background: M.Sc Mathematics from BITS Pilani
Hobbies: Running, cooking
Home State: Maharashtra


  1. Tell me your academic and work experience in 1 minute. (Didn’t need that long! LOL)
  2. How did you get interested in Mathematics when most students are so afraid of it?
  3. Do you know something about Vedic maths? Do you use it?
  4. How is it different from General Mathematics?
  5. Electoral bonds – long discussion on it
  6. Do you know about the financial instrument designed to fund elections?
  7. There’s some controversy about it. Are you aware?
  8. Now, tell me should details of such funding declared publicly, from perspective of an industrialist and from perspective of public?
  9. So, tell me why should people know about details of such funding? So, tomorrow they may want to know my IT returns or something private?
  10. Out of the 60000cr money spent in 2019 elections, what do you think was more, white money or the cash based black money? Nobody knows exactly, but what do you sense?
  11. So, if you declare such funds publicly, as an industrialist, I would just go back to funding via cash? So, now tell me which is better, public declaration or no declaration?
  12. What does involving EC do?

Member 1

  1. Mathematicians are respected everywhere– tell me why India and China produce such highly regarded mathematicians even today?
  2. It is necessary for Mathematician to have a kind of divine intuition – Ramanujan is the case in point?
  3. Okay let us move to IR. Situation in Afghanistan is quite bad. How do you think, this situation will impact India-Pakistan relationship? More friendly or not?
    Some more questions – not able to recall

Member 2

  1. I’ll ask you a core Mathematics question – A long winding and never-ending question – AI, Machine learning, data, … – use of mathematics in it – Logic in particular – so tell me about how *** logic is used here? – don’t recall exactly and didn’t know the answer
  2. Another question on Mathematics and philosophical movement in the west – how are they related and how it began – current relevance of Mathematics in these philosophies?
    Chairman sir asks him to move on
  3. Okay, let’s come to IR. Minorities in Afghanistan are fleeing the country. But it has been seen that, they don’t want to come to India but rather go to US or Europe? Why do you thing that’s happening despite the fact that, they’ll be treated well here and get protection of laws like CAA?

Memebr 3

  1. So, you’re a mathematician. What is the connection between Maths and Poetry?
  2. Does poetry help you in Mathematics? Do you read poetry?
  3. Do you know about any of Nehruji’s contributions to Women empowerment?
  4. Did he face any difficulty in getting the Hindu code bill passed? Was it watered down to get it passed?

Member 4

  1. Who opposed it from his own party?
  2. You come from Maharashtra. Tell me some reforms that have happened in cooperative movement in Maharashtra.
  3. Are you aware about the new central ministry of cooperatives under a very strong minister? Do you thing it is a good step? What are its positives?
  4. Have you ever met a Japanese person? – they’re very humble. But has it always been like that?

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