[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #223 : Air Marshal Bhonsle Board, PSIR Optional

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Date of Interview: 07.09.21
Board: Air Marshal Bhonsale Sir
Optional: PSIR


  1. Bhonsale sir, straightaway asked what’s your height? You are so tall, well built. What is you health mantra? { Parents and lots of fruits)
  2. Then started reading my Daf.
  3. He then said, I forgot to ask you to sit. Please sit, remove the mask wipe your face, relax and have water if you want. Given one minute time to settle down.
  4. He then introduced me to the process, said we will assess you on our conversations, you can take time, use paper and pen in case and answer. Your medium is English but you can answer in Hindi too if you are more comfortable.
  5. Read out my education alma maters, NCC, NSS, JRF, hobbies and details.
  6. So as you are already into excellent institutions and academics for long. What’s your take on NEP?
  7. PM talked about न्याय and शक्ति (justice and empowerment) with reference to importance of mother language. What’s your assessment?
  8. How mother language can help augmenting development and serve the underprivileged?
  9. Have you seen the last test match? What was the turning point? Are you happy with the team?
  10. When is the next match scheduled?

Member 1

  1. How can we develop tourism, attract international tourists and more?
  2. Why tourists sceptical about India despite natural and cultural richness?
  3. What is the scepticism about National Monetisation and do you really think it’s for the good?

Member 2

  1. You studied history, why history is politicised, is the discipline a science?
  2. Why call for banning of books and changing history ? What are facts ?
  3. You are a member of board and get a complain to ban 3 books. How will you take action?
  4. How Naxalism historically makes your region difficult?
  5. Why are we not able to defeat naxalites?

Member 3

  1. IR your specialisation, how do you see transitions from times of Nehru with reference to our relations with China, US and Russia?
  2. Is Russia still a friend and valuable?
  3. Why India-Israel relation not moved further? Should we engage with Israel?
  4. Can India change it’s position in terms of Palestine Issue?
  5. Should we go back to Afghanistan?
  6. What challenge we face from Taliban?
  7. What are India’s options?

Member 4

  1. You studied from Netarhat? What is that motto written in front of your school gate? * Attadipa Viharath” ( Be your own light- Buddha)
  2. Who said that?
  3. What is the shloka written beside in Sanskrit in your school ? Do you remember and recite? From where the shloka has been adopted?
  4. You read poetry, memver himself recited four lines of “…..the woods are lovely dark and deep.” Who wrote it, which Poem? Which country is the author from?
  5. Where the mind is without fear. Who wrote and what is the name of collection?
  6. Which cricketer’s autobiography is “A century is not enough”?
  7. Novak Zokovich, Roger Federer, and Nadal. Which countries they play for ?
  8. What is the meaning of Olympic motto?
  9. Chair- Ok, your interview is over. Hope you enjoyed it. What will you do now?
  10. Said- will go and write my Phd. ( Will not take your restaurant discount )😆
  11. Said, good luck but enjoy and chill also before.
  12. Sure sir. Thankyou.
  13. Answered most, few hiccups in the the rapid fire round. Rest interview was smooth and cordial.

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