[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #113 : RN Choubey Board, Chemistry Optional,

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Date of Interview: 20th April, Afternoon, last person to go.
Board: RN Choubey Sir
Optional: Chemistry
Background: IIT Delhi
Profession (if any)- CAPF AC
Hobbies: Endurance exercises

Chairman: Asked me to remove the mask if I dont have any covid symptoms, I politely said that the positivity rate for Covid in Delhi is around 7%, if you allow me, I will keep it as it is, for which he readily agreed to.

  1. Introduce yourself in 1 min, he cut short in between as I said I got recently selected as Assistant Commandant(which is not yet updated in DAF2) He congratulated me.
  2. Covid fight, how do you rate The Center’s and State’s performance on the scale of 10.
  3. What steps did the Center and States taken to fight Covid?
  4. Demonetisation=> was it a right/wrong step? Rate it on the scale of 10 => Follow up questions
  5. What is Black Money?
  6. Let’s say gambling is banned, and you earn some money out of it, and you pay taxes on this income, will it be considered black money?

Member 1

  1. CAPF force preference order and reason behind the way I’ve chosen?
  2. What about the order I’ve chosen for Civil services?
  3. Do you know why Germany is in news today? (apparently Hitler’s birthday)
  4. Why did WW2 started?
  5. How did Hitler die?
  6. if WW3 comes, which side should India take?=> follow up questions.
  7. Why aren’t we becoming UNSC permanent member?
  8. Why China is opposing?

Member 2

  1. IMF/WB Differences?
  2. Boris Johnson visit, why is he coming now, what’s on the agenda?
  3. Hockey=> status now? Is it bouncing back?
  4. Why Odisha is promoting Hockey?
  5. Marathon Distance?

Member 3

  1. What is Subordinate Legislation?
  2. Pearl Harbor incident?
  3. Capital Punishment=> should we continue or not?

Member 4

  1. 2008 Financial crisis=> why did it occur?
  2. Do we get similar crisis if we continue with similar populistic policies?
  3. Green Building=> what components needed?
  4. Nuclear power=> is a green energy? why aren’t we able to harness it?
  5. What are the steps we are taking to harness it?
  6. Make in India=> Atmanirbhar Bharat=> initiatives taken?
  7. NGOs regulation on foreign funds? is it good or not?
  8. Amnesty international issue=> Aakar Patel, why did authorities blocked him from going abroad=> can it be done?

Chairman: We’re done young man, Do you have anything to say? I pointed out the quality of sanitisers provided at UPSC, said that they might be of duplicate quality and not suitable for regular use=> given the spelling mistakes and the caution given on the bottle

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