[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #187 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Medical science Optional, stitching Hobby

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Date of Interview: 2/may forenoon was second to go.
Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas
Optional: Medical science
Background: Mamc delhi
Profession: (if any)-medical officer alwar.
Hobbies: Mandana tribal wall art and stitching clothes.
Your experience in interview-

Board was very cordial.

They all kept smiling and gave hint . Chairman sir made me very comfortable and was keen to listne without much cross questioning.

Utility of mocks (if any)-
To gain confidence
Experience to formulate and well structured answer .
( Somp mentorship was very helpful in developing overall knowledge base and to work on one’s weakness.
Specially one on one session with puneet sir was very helpful )


  1. What is SAM
  5. Some cross questions on same.
  6. Steps to combat desertification at national and international level.

Member 1

  1. Why civil services don’t you think this is waste of resource.
  2. Three strength and three weakness (thy all laughed)
  3. How well india performed in tackling covid
  4. Difference between India and us model to handle covid.
  5. you love stitching tell me about honeycomb stitching.

Member 2

  1. Three places to visit alwar.
  2. Famous sweet of alwar
  3. How to prepare this.
  4. Steps taken by gov to boost tiger number in sariska tiger reserve.
  5. Yoga and international yoga day.
  6. Do you advice yoga to your patients.
  7. Two asana of yoga.

Member 3 

  1. IS your CHC turned into  health and wellness center
  2. diff between health and wellness.
  3. 2019 event of deaths of children in muzaffarnagar.why
  4. type of elderly care provided in your CHC
  5. ncd and what steps.
  6. ncd surveillance in your CHC.

Member 4

  1. cop 26 what is it
  2. outcome.
  3. net zero and its meaning
  4. revised renewable energy targets
  5. green house gases and its effects on health.

One two question more but yaad nhi aa rahe.

Very nice experience.
First reaction.
Happy to interact with so much experienced persons.
Second  thought numbness about ho gaya finally interview..
Baaki marks batayengy.
All the very best to all

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