[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #203 : TCA Anant Board, Kannada literature Optional, Yoga Hobby

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Date of interview: 20/4/2022
Board: TCA Anant
Background: Electronics and communication
Hobbies: yoga and greeting card making
Optional: Kannada literature


  1. What were u doing after your graduation
  2. What is 5G
  3. Why huge infrastructure required
  4. People are opposing installation of towers in their areas will they oppose 5G also
  5. Why government is going for 5G

Member 1

  1. Which report talked about impact of radiation on human
  2. Would online education replace offline education
  3. What is higher education g e r
  4. What are the latest technology available for this generation to use in governance
  5. How do you use nano technology in governance
  6. Is aadhar a matter of concern

Member 2

  1. In case of disruption of communication like in Ukraine how will you establish communication in such situation
  2. How do you spread the Kannada language
  3. Ch: what is 3 language policy

Member 3

  1. Which language do you use for your development.
  2. In Karnataka there is some place is famous for hockey so why is so
  3. Why did you take Kannada literature after doing electronic and communication.
  4. Ask the question related to communication I don’t remember
  5. What is difference between growth and development
  6. How do you measure development
  7. What are the indicators for growth
  8. How is SHG performing in India
  9. How do you popularize shg
  10. What are famous folk arts in Karnataka
  11. What is unique about yakshagana
  12. What is cyber some
  13. Why other states are not able to adopt it..

Member 4

  1. Importance of communication in governance.
  2. As a civil servant how do you communicate with your subordinate
  3. Is there any arrangement for sharing of best practices among civil servants in India
  4. During the communication why is it difficult for the other person to understand it.

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