[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #21 : Smita Nagraj Board, Bihar Home State, Mathematics Optional

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Date of Interview: 6 april, Afternoon
Board: Smita Nagraj
Optional: Mathematics
Home state:  Bihar
Background: B.tech Mechanical engineering
Hobby: playing with kids and listening Bollywood songs


  1. You have been preparing since 2018, what is your motivation behind it.
  2. How muzaffar nagar shelterhome case came to light
  3. Why TISS has to find this out, why state machinery failed to highlight that
  4. Was it an isolated incident or u think it is happening in other parts of the country also

Member 1

  1. What are the laws to protect children
  2. What amendments u want in the law to prevent children’s exploitation
  3. What will u do for children if you become an Ias
  4. What is ITER

Member 2

  1. why Bihar has not progressed while state like Odisha even Jharkhand has done so
  2. 3 follow up questions on my answer… Like …is there rent seeking going on in the state which is why industries don’t come up ,
  3. How will you help develop your district if you were its DM

Member 3

  1. Why North Korea and South Korea is in news
  2. What can be done to eliminate their enimity
  3. In how much time india Pakistan relationship will be normal, why it’s so bad
  4. Why research in India is so low
  5. I have heard Pythagoras theorem was in fact invented in India first , have you also heard that
  6. Why do u think we didn’t get the credit for our own achievements in maths why Europeans took it.
  7. You are mechanical engineer but you chose maths, I’m sure it’s because maths is very scoring,   right?
  8. What’s the use of maths in administration

Member 4

  1. Why inland water trade is low in India and even abroad
  2. (Ans.= In India it’s due to lack of river interlinking, rivers are not perennial, adequate depth of water for freight movements is not found everywhere ,
  3. Global scenario is not so as in China 47.5% of all trade occurs through inland water only and in Bangladesh too.)
  4. What’s the mechanism for solving interstate water dispute
  5. Why Chandigarh is in news
  6. What are the implications of giving Chandigarh to any one party
  7. In your opinion which state (haryana or Punjab) should be given Chandigarh
  8. What govt is doing to promote skill development

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