[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #223 : TCA Anant  Board, Mathematics Optional, Hockey, Hindi movie Hobbies

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Date of Interview: 9 May Forenoon
Board: TCA Anant
Work experience: BPCL
Optional: Mathematics
Sports: Hockey
Hobbies: and interests: Hindi Thriller movies and Toastmasters International


  1. What was your job role in BPCL?
  2. Tell me about Ethanol Blending program, its current status. What do you think, does it need any reforms?
  3. How to increase Ethanol production and What are the issues in it?
  4. Tell me about Toastmasters International, Competent Communicator, Competent Leadership
  5. What are the attitudes of a good public speaker?

Member 1

  1. You have chosen Mathematics as your optional after Engineering. Didn’t you feel it tough to study Mathematics after engineering? Why Mathematics after engineering?
  2. Any topic in Toastmasters International with which you kept the audience interested in your speech? Tell me about it.
  3. What was Indian hockey team’s performance in recent Olympics?
  4. Why India is lagging in medals in Olympics and what can be done to improve the medal tally?

Member 2

  1. Which Mathematician has impressed you? What was his/her contribution to Mathematics? What have you learnt from him/her?
  2. You said you have natural interest and aptitude in Mathematics. Are you inborn Mathematician or a trained Mathematician?
  3. Environment is an obstacle to Development. What is your view?

Member 3

  1. BPCL’s privatisation is in progress. Apart from Government ‘s view on privatisation, what is your view: Should or shouldn’t Profit making PSUs be privatized, or should their management be changed?
  2. (follow up from above) you are suggesting that PSUs be allowed to invest in foreign assets, but there is a demand to first invest in domestic assets/social infrastructure first rather than foreign assets, which one would you prefer? How will you ensure the parity between investment in foreign assets and that in domestic assets? Don’t you think government is already allowing PSUs to invest in foreign assets?

Member 4

  1. What is the genesis of Coal Crisis? How is there poor management of coal supply? What should be done to avert such a crisis in future?
  2. Can there be a DBT in power sector? If yes, why is not being implemented currently? Can it avert the current crisis in power sector?
  3. In which other sectors, can DBT be implemented?
  4. Tell me 2 benefits of IPL.
  5. Which others sports has benefited from tournament similar to IPL?

Chairman: Thank you. Your interview is over.

I could recall these many questions.

My experience in interview: Overall cordial board.  More than 80% questions from DAF.

Utility of mocks: Some questions were directly from mocks. Overall they were a confidence booster.

Special thanks to CSPT-21 and Interview Transcripts 2021 groups and their admins for solving my queries and providing one stop source for all the transcripts!😄🙏

All the best 👍

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