[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #231 : TCA Anant Board, Civil engineering Optional, photography, Cooking Hobbies

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Date of Interview: 10th May forenoon, 6th to go ( 8 candidates in first shift  )
Board: TCA Anant
Optional:  Civil engineering
Background: IIT Bombay
profession: (if any)- Ola Cabs
Hobbies:  Nature photography, Cooking

your experience in interview-  Opinion based, more like a conversation, Many counter questions, almost no question from Civil engineering, 28-30 mins
Utility of mocks:


  1. – How cooking is your hobby?
  2. – explain nature photography?
  3. – Which camera and lens do you have?
  4. – Which lens is preferred for bird photography?

Member 1

  1. ( Lambi mucho wale sir, bit aggressive )
  2. – Don’t you think you have denied budding civil engineer a chance?
  3. – but you don’t have practical experience?
  4. – Don’t you think US hegemonic liberal order is root cause behind the chaos and disorder we see in the world today?
  5. – What lesson should India learn from the ukraine crisis? How should India engage with the USA?

Member 2

  1. – Women safety issues in rajasthan?
  2. – How will you ensure safety of women tourist?
  3. – How to Elevate the status of women in rajasthan?
  4. – Name any two bird century in India?

Member 3

  1. – Suppose your friend comes to you for advice on crypto? Is it legal in India ?
  2. – What are the reason for share market crash? Reason ? Implications on India?
  3. – Monologue on tension with chinna, huge trade and FDI restrictions and put three questions altogether?  1. Should we stop trading with china?  2. Should we ban Chinese investment? 3. How shall we deal with china when there is tension on the border?
  4. – Then why did we ban Chinese app?
  5. – Can we trust china? Then how should we engage? How to resolve border issue ?

Member 4

  1. – Water has been listed on the future market ? What are its implications?
  2. – What two things you do for water security?
  3. – What should india and you as a civil servant must do for water security?
  4. – Barmer ? What is the relation of vedanta to the barmer ? Changes brought by vedanta in Barmer ?
  5. – Some time back there was flood in barmer, what are the causes? How is it different from flood in other parts of the country ( flood came in 2006, barmer has desert topography)
  6. – Problem of crude found in the barmer? What is the solution ?
  7. – What are famous vegetable dish in barmer region?  What is so special about ker and sangri?
  8. – What is the problem in the infrastructure sector? Why are we lagging behind?
  9. – Suppose we have all timely clerance, money and no protest, why we are still lagging behind? ( He wanted me to say better project management)
  10. Had many followup questions by all members

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