[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #240 : TCA Anant Board, Agriculture Optional, Maharashtra Home State

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Date of Interview: 29/04/2022
Board: TCA Anant
Optional: Agriculture
Home State: Maharashtra


  1. meaning of ….
  2. where ….flower is grown?
  3. tell me about flower in detail
  4. How many agroclimatic zones in Maharashtra?
  5. tell me names
  6. reasons for scarcity zone?
  7. which crops grown under scarcity zone?
  8. Which crops are grown in …. district?
  9. Why sugarcane monocropping is predominant?

Member 1

  1. Why floriculture is famous in Maharashtra?
  2. why Europeans are sending back Indian flowers?
  3. difference between petty corruption and political corruption?
  4. Women empowerment ?  What are economic, social, political impacts?
  5. in which state more women are breadwinners? Impacts?
  6. meaning of Life

Member 2

  1. famous book related to agriculture
  2. which crop you can suggest for rabbi season?
  3. Imadicloprid?
  4. selective pesticide means ?
  5. Humic acid chelation process?
  6. purpose of neem coated urea?

Member 3

  1. Green revolution starting year?
  2. tell me about AGMARK
  3. what do you understand about WTO – TRIPS and TRIMS
  4. Critically evaluate MGNREGA?
  5. tell me about corporate social responsibility?
  6. what is the turnover limits for CSR?
  7. What do you mean by technology transfer?

Member 4

  1. Gulf cooperation council members?
  2. what is purpose of GCC establishment and importance for India?
  3. how much oil imported from gulf countries?
  4. Yemen location?
  5. UNCLOS means?
  6. details about UNCLOS

Chairman – thank you,

Most of the questions were from areas discussed by Mahesh bhagvat sir. Thank you so much sir for your guidance


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