[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #32 : TCA Anant Board, PSIR Optional, Bihar Home State, Blogging, sports Hobbies

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Date of Interview: 8th April
Board: TCA Anant
Optional: PSIR
Home State: Bihar
Background: Mechanical Engineering from VIT Vellore
Hobbies: Blogging, Watching football

This was my 2nd Interview and also, the 2nd with COVID protocols in place.
I entered the room and greeted all. Chairman asked me to sit and started reading out loud my DAF.


C: You worked as programmer analyst. Briefly tell me about your job.
A: Explained

C: Why did you leave your job?
A: Explained

C: So, you like blogging. What do you blog about?
Me: My emotions, educational write-ups and about football.

C: What was your last blog?
Me: Wrote about the impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict on the future of English Premier League.

(At this point, he seemed interested to know more)

C: Explain what you wrote.
Me: Explained the links of oligarchs like Roman Abrahamovic with Putin administration and future of Chelsea football club.

Member 1

M1 delivers a long monologue about the dichotomy between environment conservation and economic growth and asks my opnion.
Me: Agreed with him. Told about the need to reform GDP accounting and also, how we have framework of EIA to take care of this dichotomy.

M1: What is NGT?
Me: Explained

M1: India is doing so much for environment conservation. What are our targets?
Me: Explained using Panchamrit.

M1: So, government is doing a lot. What do you do for environment conservation?
Me: Mentioned the use of grey water in garden, public transport.

Member 2

M2 delivers a long monologue on how we have so many legislations for women yet the ground realities are different. Linked it with Bihar. Now, asks my opinion on corrective measures.
Me: (Not verbatim just main points)Need social reforms. Legislations work in top bottom approach. Mentioned 37% women in Bihar justify beating up by husband as correct. Could recall this figure from NFHS-5

M2: What else?
Me: Education –> rational outlook

M2: We already have so many schools and enrolment. Do you really think it’s a valid measure?
Me: Explained the disconnect between current measures focusing on enrollment rates (literacy) vs education

M2: What else?
Me: Talked about duplicity of institutions leading to confusion, constabulary force lacking soft skills so women fear to file cases- give them training etc.

M2: Difference between FR and DPSP
Me: Explained

Member 3

M3: You are from small town in Bihar and went to Vellore for studies. How did you travel- train or flight?
Me: Train

M3: Mention the states that came your way in the journey
Me: Mentioned

M3: Why migration is happening? Why Bihar is still backward?
Me: explained

M3: Monologue on how food is different in North and South India. Asked if food is integrating factor?
Me: Explained + mentioned Chicken Chintamani which is still my favourite. Connects me with the culture.

M3: You worked in Kolkata and love football.  Give one distinguishing aspect of football culture there.
Me: Mentioned East Bengal and Mohun Bagan rivalry. Also, my experience from a local match I had watched.

M3: About PSIR. Describe the world order after Post world War 2.
Me: Explained

M3: What about world institutions? What is their status?
Me: Talked about UNSC reforms, WTO status etc.

M3: Should we reform them or leave them as they are?
Me: Explained the need for multilateralism

Member 4

Probably the toughest part of my interview

Pointed out my answer to M1 on how I use greywater and mentions how my college was also using in-situ treatment plant to do the same.

I agreed.

He seemed to know my college really well.

Then, talked about how an underpass was constructed to connect two parts of my college that led to disruption in the movement of railways.

M4: Do you think if it wasn’t your college and some small college, permission would have been given for such project?

Me: explained how cost benefit analysis must be done for any project and benefits must outweigh the cost + other considerations like environment, feasibility of construction etc.

He didn’t seem convinced. Moved on to next.

M4: Asked some difficult theory of Pareto?
Me: I had no clue. I passed.

M4: CBI vs NIA?
Me: Gave answer but he didn’t seem convinced.

M4: Can CBI investigate cases in states?
Me: Explained using General consent

More follow up on same issue with respect to West Bengal.

M4: CBI’s procedural details on how the treatment of cognizable offence is different from other types
Me: I said I don’t know.

M4: Why should I read your blog? Why do you put up your personal emotions for public?
Me: explained.

M4: From your favourite area. What’s scissor kick?
Me: Explained.

He then passed on to chairman. Chairman said your interview is over.

Experience: Felt like a purposeful conversation unlike mocks. Take mocks with a pinch of salt and do what you think is correct 🙂

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