[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #127 : Manoj Soni Board, Sociology Optional, sports Hobby

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Date of Interview: 21/02/23
Board: Manoj Soni
all male members( soni sir replaced Nagaraj ma’am today only 🙂, Mujse personally milna tha sir ko 4 years baad)
Optional: Sociology
Service: ICAS
Hobbies: Basketball @Nationals, Long distance running, Calisthenics, Child Rights projects under KSCF and CRY,

Interview medium-Hindi( mains in English , but panel was using entirely pure hindi words especially soni sir)
Interview time 35-40 minutes (checked wall clock in front on me)
Entered room and wished them, chairman said Namaskar Kakaji


  1. (writing English translation)
  2. Remove mask
  3. I want verify your photo
  4. Meaning of your name
  5. Do you think you have followed meaning of your name
  6. Have you joined service, when,How many months done and how many months left
  7. Share your experience in training
  8. Tell me about Live in relationship(bone of contention between me and sir)  too long discussion on this (I was on optimistic view but sir was in debate mood and wasn’t ready to listen,tried to counter with full force, asked me to not use reference of constitution and supreme court..said some extreme comments , like crores of children will be parent less and sabko state nahi sambhalega and family will not survive in India, this is against India culture and values

Member 1

  1. Do you want a society like this, filled with parentless child, unmarried families
  2. Insisted too much to change my stand
  3. Do you support destroying  in India
  4. Child ka kya hoga
  5. 50 crore
  6. Family institutions
  7. I kept calm and answered patiently  with steps that can be taken, sticked to my view
  8. Sir- chaliye jab tum apna stand change nahi karoge toh iss topic ko close karte hai
  9. Sir was like “marunga nahi, kehke lunga” gif

Member 2

  1. India US, recently lots of agreements happened,
  2. Why us important
  3. Which agreements
  4. Does US benefits from them
  5. Agreements on paper but they are not doing technology transfer so what’s benefit for India
  6. DTII(since I mentioned defence sector of India)
  7. Biggest security threat for India
  8. Explain the india china border issue and intrusions in details
  9. Explain salami slicing(I mentioned in previous answer)
    17 rounds of corps
  10. Tell me more about western sector part
  11. Tell me about recent clash
  12. Can we handle it
  13. Are borders stable

Member 3

  1. Should we start with sports ?
  2. Gave a statement
  3. “Khel ke maidan me ek bargad ka ped hai jiski cchaw me baki ped dhak gae hai”(long discussion followed up)
  4. Why cricket came forward but not basketball or others
  5. What challenges do other sports facing
  6. What challenges did you face to reach at national level
  7. You choice between Individual morality vs social morality (long discussion, he was in debating mode)
  8. In what situation individual morality can be given up
  9. Many social evils challenged by individual morality and individual morality challenged by social
  10. If you are in higher position, would you go for your ethical values or social values
  11. Tum constitution ko bahut mante ho lagta h
  12. Sir was like “dekhe h tere jese samvidhan ke dalle bahut “ gif

Member 4

  1. Asked my height and said 6+ are required there
  2. Konse state ko represent kia
  3. Your position in basketball
  4. Were you feeder or shooter (I said one who is dribbling, he feeds, one who is free, he shoots i.e depends on the situation and I did both)
  5. But they 6+ could block you easily (told him my jump been upto ring 10 feet)
    He was like aha hahah wawawawa gif
  6. Now service related
  7. Should we merge all accounting services
  8. Amount of FDI this year
  9. How many sectors (FDI)
  10. GeM and counter questions
  11. Procurement process
  12. Sir was like “kuch ata bhi kya tumko” gif

Member 5

  1. Long speech on news reporting by new York times, guardian, etc they all are known to be genuine agencies
  2. They report any incident of india, mostly  unpleasant news, should we do something about it
  3. Recent mob lynching case, guardian reported that police involvement is there, your take
  4. How to stop them from reporting fake news, we can ban fake news in India but how to do in uk us etc countries about incidents of India

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