[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #131 : Manoj Soni Board, mechanical engineering Optional

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Date of Interview: 21-02-2023 afternoon session last to go.
Board: Manoj Soni
Optional: mechanical engineering
Background: IIT DELHI( mechanical)
Current service:  indian forest service


  1. you are engineer and a poet, so tell me about your self that is not in daf? ( 🧐)
  2. you must have heard about PM jan dhan yojnna( I didn’t remember much about scheme so i was little afraid 😳😣) but then he said i want know about PM VAN DHAN VIKAS KENDRA AND current status in your state( 👏🎊)
  3. suppose you are an IPS officer and posted in Naxal affected region. You are about to do a search operation.You have two police men with you, one is unmarried and other is married. Whom will you send first for search?( Given there is a high chance of casualty while moving forward) then he told me you have another option, you can go alone by yourself?

Member 1

  1. we are facing high incidences of HWC , still india is introducing cheetah in india?
  2. in your state ,there are larger numbers of cases related to elephant -Human conflict , why? How to solve them?
  3. there is huge water pollution during fewtival and puja like Durga pooja idol immersion and related things. how to mange it?

Member 2

  1. Tell me 3rd Law of thermodynamics?
  2. Link entropy with randomness in society with special focus of communal riots
  3. How will you reduce entropy in society?
  4. Entropy increases with temperature or decrease?

Member 3

  1. Tell me 5 big events in indian history which has changed the course of india ? 😕
  2. ( I said 1st is ashoka’s policy of dhamma) counter question on this , do you think mauryan empire fell due to ashokan dhamma policy?
  3. Asked me to tell more 4 events
  4. Tell any one event post independence which was watershed for india?
  5. I replied as pokhran -II , so he said why not pokhran -I? 😁
  6. He said suppose if you have a choice to be born as male and female in next birth, which one would you choose?

Member 4

  1. do you think with modern cars and new technology, role of mechanical engineering has declined?
  2. ( i tried to answer in favour of mechanical engineering in first question) so he asked counter question that in e vehicle role of mechanical engineering?
  3. how has Russian ukrain conflict inpacted various industries across the globe? ( I said growth in weapons etc)
  4. log monologue on how world wars and current wars like russia- ukrain conflict have led to invention of new technology and creativity. So do you thing war can be termed as destruction- construction?
  5. some counter question which i don’t remember

Some questions i am not able to recall.

Utility of mock- bring to the light focus area from mock. Chahal mock was good and apt one. If you want to put yourself in grilling zone and rapid fire mode go to rau’s ias. One to one Sriram is good. I had worse experience with nextias which i will not recommend to anyone.
Samkalp interview is also good for current affairs and conceptual questions.

Tip- study you daf and current affairs well. That will give to confidence and power to drive the interview in your comfort zone ( for example when i said most important events post independence was pokhran -ii , i said it becomes i was having indepth knowledge of wars and weapons and good grasp over current affairs related to topic)

So friends keep preparing and hope for the best .👍🏻😇

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