[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #152 : Smita Nagraj  Board, Uttarakhand Home State, Football, Chess Hobby

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Date of Interview: 27th Feb, Forenoon session
Board: Smita Nagraj
Background: MBBS,
Home State: Uttarakhand
Hobby: Football, Chess


  1. Why Civil services ?
  2. What India has done to improve life expectancy
  3. One scheme of UK govt where it has done excellent and one where it has lacked
  4. Is yoga a fad


  1. Role of technology in health
  2. TB mukt bharat and initiatives to achieve it
  3. Mental health disorders and steps to improve
  4. Health budget
  5. As a FM, how would you allocate budget to different ministeries
  6. How to improve HDI ranking
  7. E sanjeevani OPD and how it functions
  8. Why uttarakhand faces so many natural disasters
  9. What can be done as a DM to manage that
  10. How would you describe yourself
  11. Who is your role model
  12. Ronaldo’s recent transfer
  13. Is it justified how much he is paid
  14. Origin of chess
  15. About recent Olympiad in chess
  16. Why chess is popular in Russia

Unable to recall a lot of questions

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