[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #153 : Smita Nagraj  Board, PSIR Optional, Cricket and football Hobby

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Date of Interview: 23rd feb and 4th to go in the afternoon
Board: Smita Nagraj ma’am
Optional: PSIR
Background: Mechanical Engineering
Profession (if any): State Pcs
Hobbies: Cricket and football


  1. So when you landed in Delhi??What are you doing since then?
  2. You only do analysis of football?? Don’t you watch football??(My hobby was tactical analysis of football)
  3. Who is the greatest footballer of all time??
  4. Don’t you think Bollywood film Stars, footballers, cricketers earning a lot of money?? Do you think it is needed for one individual?? Don’t you think there should be also some kind of payment parity with respect to doctors, engeneers and other jobs??( I was imagining Lionel Messi earning 50k per month and roaming in Alto in streets)
  5. Which jobs your state and people give respect??And why?? (I said people have high faith on civil servant in our state)
  6. And why you want to become an civil servant??Is this because people have their faith on it??

Member 1

  1. Activities you involved with apart from prepration??
  2. What are the common elements of cricket and Football share??
  3. Can you implement certain rules of cricket on football??
  4. What Indian football federation is in a bad situation?? Is there any bad adminstration??
  5. Why such bad situation of football in India?? Can’t we promote it in the same way of cricket??What are initiative recently taken by the fraternity to promote cricket and football??
  6. What is the watersheds moment of cricket that made it popular in India??
  7. Which social sector you will like to work upon and why??

Member 2

  1. Is there any positive impact of act east policy on North East??Are we succesful?
  2. How India will look like in 2040?
  3. China is claiming Arunachal why??Why such incidents is going on in Arunachal??
  4. (He asked 2 more questions i forgot actually )

Member 3

  1. Natural parks in your district??Why they are famous??
  2. Which industries use natural gas in your district??(As I was from industrial district )Are those industries making profit or loss??
  3. What are the issues of tea garden community??Can we address that??
  4. What will be your take on that as an administrator??Can we address their payment issue??
  5. Poaching going on in Assam?? why it so?? What is the use of horns of rhinos??

Member 4

  1. So tell me what are the impacts of sports on society??
  2. Can we play cricket with Pakistan??Why??
  3. What is nano technology?? Should we make it a different stream all together??
  4. Do you think different streams of engineering have water tight seperation from each other?? Give reasons.
  5. Then Smita Nagaraj ma’am said “thankyou and it’s your interview is over “

Overall experience: It was good experience though I couldn’t answer 3/4 questions.Board was cordial.I attempted 1 offline(KSG) mock and 2 online(Civils daily and Shubhra Ranjan IAS) and they helped to gain confidence to some extent but the discussions and one to one with my friends and Utkarsh Sir helped me a lot.(As I had little time to prepare due to paucity of time)

All the best.

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