[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #186 : Smita Nagraj Board, Bengali Literature Optional, West Bengal Home State

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Date of Interview: 22/02/2023 morning (2nd to go)
Board: Smita Nagraj Ma’am
Home State: West Bengal (home state+ state govt employee), Satyajit Ray (mentioned in DAF),
Optional: Bengali Literature


1. Explain about your job role.
2. View on press freedom and biaseness of media (my job role includes media mgmt)..2/3 related counter questions
3.So you like Satyajit Ray, but I think Ritwik Ghatak is a better film maker what do you say? what is so special about Ray?

Member 1

1. what are the movies by Satyajit ray that you have watched? (I named few, he asked few more and I said yes to all of them)
2. Have you read Sarat chandra? Srikanto? what do you think about the character?
3. you have a very long work exp. What are your observations?

Member 2

1.you have a very long work exp.How would you manage multiple works in limited time?
2.you have a very long work exp.There may be many instance where one has to compromise with integrity. What are your views?
3.What is EEZ
4.What would you do to improve nutritional levels of children?
5.What are the security arrangements of coastal area?

Member 3

1.Name few newspapers of countries around us and other countries. (because my job role includes press)
2.Long monologue about Nobel laureates of WB and then asked about Amartya sen Land issue with Viswa Bharati

Member 4

1.Two sugeestions to CM about developing economy
2. How to develop human dev indicators in WB

Chairperson: Thank you, interview is over

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