[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #208 : Smita Nagaraj Board, Physics Optional, IFS

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Date of Interview: 16/04/2022 Forenoon, 2nd to go
Smita Nagaraj Ma’am
Optional: Physics
Ramakrishna Mission, Compassion, Forestry, IIT Guwahati,
Service: IFS


  1. So you did Jon for some year then what are you doing right now.
    ( Undergoing training as Probationer at IFS )
  2. It seems from your DAF you are a person who has been involved with talking to people and counselling people. What credentionals you have got to do that.
  3. ( Ma’am in school and college I was trained with counsellors and I actually connect people and myself had gone through many failures in life hence I am able to associate with people … )
  4. Let us take a situation : You are DFO and you got to know that your staff is involved in smuggling and he is caught now his family has come to you and saying that please Choor dijiye pehli baar hai aage se nhi hoga what will you do ?
  5. ( Ma’am as timber smuggling is illegal so law has to be go as it is and I am there to enforce it but at the same time I will make sure that to figure out some measures where I can be able to address the needs of the family)
  6. Why not give him a chance Kyuki ek chance to sabko milna chahiye
    ( Ma’am what he is doing is illegal and law has to take its course )
  7. Okay so tell me the situation where you think you can give a chance not necessary from Forest as you have spend little time give any example
  8. ( Ma’am for example a forest guard has the duty to do patrolling and he is not doing at regular interval in that case I will give him waring first before taking action )

Member 1

  1. So you have taken Physics in your college and also you have Physics as optional. Tell me about dark matter
    ( Answered )
  2. Also there is some relation with gravitation.
    ( Yes sir … )
  3. Okay tell me the difference between fermions and bosons
    ( Answered …)
  4. Okay in consititution what are the provisions for forest and all, tell me
    ( Mentioned 48 A and Sir more I am not able to recall )
  5. Told you are a forest officer you should, there is 51A ( g )
  6. ( Told yes sir Duties and said Thank you )
  7. Also asked about a good governance
  8. Relation between RTI and good governance

Member 2

  1. Take a case study
    In UP vidhayak ji aapke samne baithe aur bol rhe hai ki gun license kyun nhi de rhe hai logo ko, aur aap DM hai, SP ke go ahead mil chuka hai par aap document pe baithe hai batao kya karoge.
  2. ( Sir I will see the legality and talk to vidhayak ji that giving license to all will be detrimental )
  3. Par saari baat ho chuki hai
    ( Sir I will see the legal basis and … )
  4. SP ne se diya hai permission
    ( Sir in that case I will give )
  5. Accha sunne hoge Maharashtra aur Karantake ke border pe haar saal
  6. Elephants aate hai aur crop destroy karte hai, kyun ho hai aisa
    ( Habitat destruction … )
  7. Phele bhi toh tha ye sab aur kya problem hai
    ( Sir fringe pe crops dekhne honge )
    Crops batao
    ( Sugarcane )
  8. Okay do you know about High worth individual
    ( Gave answer )
  9. What would be there income
    ( Sir I need to think )
  10. Chairperson interrupted and said tell me the highest tax slab
    ( Said 30% )
  11. Now it is easy to calculate go ahead
    ( Answered )
  12. M2 continued with Russia Ukraine war. Russia says it is a military action what do you think military action or war
    ( Answered India’s stand )

Member 3

  1. So you are from Ramakrishna Mission, how it is different from other .
    ( Answered )
  2. So how these learning will help you be a good officer and understand people better.
    ( Answered )

Member 4

  1. You said about Self Realince, if everyone becomes self self reliance then it is deglobalisation.
    ( Answered that it connect world better where one country dominance will not be there …. )
  2. Do you agree for women reservations
    ( Said Yes with factors why … )
    It would be difficult to desereserve
    ( Ma’am I agree but at the same time we aspire for India where women are independent to rear child in best possible manner, will have financial independence , will have say to take decision and hence reservations will not be needed …)
  3. Now you are chasing your stand
    ( Ma’am I humbly submit that reservation will be support the development process …)
  4. Now let us talk about timber smuggling
    ( Answered )

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