[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #257 : RN Chaubey Board, Sociology Optional, Bihar Home State

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Date of interview: 31/03/2023, Afternoon session, 2nd to go
Board: RN Chaubey Sir
Optional: Sociology
College- Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Profession (if any: Bank PO
Home State: Bihar
Hobbies: Sudoku, poetry writing, thriller novels


Usual words from sir.. we are just here to have a conversation.. make yourself comfortable..
1. Your academic and professional background
2. On what grounds states can be bifurcated
3. Can it be done for Financial Sustainability?
4. Does NE States have Financial Sustainability?
5. Can a state be rich but the state government be poor?

Member 1

1. Why large number of Biharis clear civil services? What is the differnce from other state candidates?
( I answered that lack of industrial and private sector opportunities is the main reason behind their large participation and hence success,
also unable to go for higher studies hence civil services.. but sir said he want to hear personal traits..)
Some other question.. can not recall

Member 2

1. ICS before independence were mainly responsible for following britishers rather than working for indians.. what is your opinion?
Some cross question
2. Who invented mobile phones?
3. What is the future for mobile phones?

Member 3

1. What protects tall buildings from lightening?
2. What protects tall electricity distribution towers from lightening?
3. What can be solutions for discoms to prevent financial losses?

Member 4

1. What changed Indians from subjects to citizens?
Some cross question
2. Difference between prose and poetry
3. poetry are also not following rythms then what is the difference

(Some questions might be missing)

Your experience in interview- Chairperson sir was smiling.. M2, M4 were nodding in between the answers.. M1, M3 were more or less neutral.. Questions were random.. but even in this randomness you will get the chance to showcase yourself.. so just go inside with your best personality..

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)-
Mocks – Gave mocks at Samkalp, IQRA, Vajirao & Reddy, Chanakya Mandal Parivar, Chahal, KSG, Only IAS.. all were good experiences.. learnt from everywhere.. Only IAS, KSG, Chanakya Mandal and IQRA IAS were encouraging
O2O – Ayush Sir, Vinay Sir, Ravindran Sir, Khan Sir.. All were very good.. Session with Khan sir was very encouraging..
Utility of Mocks – depends upon the interview board.. i personally had no question in final interview from mocks.. but mocks did help me to shape up my personality..

All the best to everyone..

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