[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #315 : Preeti Sudan Board, Law Optional, Maharashtra Home State, football, trekking Hobby

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Date of Interview: 28 April – Last to go (afternoon session)
Board: Preeti Sudan
ma’am – 20 to 25 mins
Optional: Law
Home State: Maharashtra
College: Govt Law College
Attempt: 2nd
Profession (if any): 1
yr work ex
Keywords: Football, trekking
 (not asked), undertrials, EY, scholarship in contract law, travel vlogs (not asked),

Your experience in interview- Very
cordial board. Mostly DAF based. 80% Qs revolved around law/judiciary. Qs were long and somewhat mains oriented. Hardly any counter Qs even where I tried to lead the discussion somewhere else. Felt more like a Q ans session. I fumbled a few times. Members were nodding and smiling. Other than that interview was a bit underwhelming.

Also, transcript cannot show it but answers are not always smooth. Uhh uhh aa hi jaata hai while thinking what to say

Here’s how it went (I may have missed some Qs for which I apologise)


started with monologue that it’s a conversation and we can get something clarified if needed. Then made a mistake with my name to which I had to give a clarification :p

1. Q on undertrials – issues?
2. Recent remission of murder convict in Bihar case. My views on it?
3. Why women less in judiciary?
4. What was your experience in EY and why did you quit your job?

Member 1

(lady member, soft spoken, but listened patiently and nodded while answering)

1. Judicial pendency and what can be done about it?
2. Do judges deserve so many perks?  What about vacations? Can something be done to reduce vacations?
3. Collegium issues?
4. ECI judgement by Supreme Court. My views? Should CJI be there in the committee?

Member 2

1. Favourite football player?
2. Position I played (this Q was only asked because honourable panelist wanted to let me know he was a striker in his younger days :))
3. Can we set a hard deadline to resolve cases in courts?
4. Reforms as law secretary?
5. Why not become a judge? Why civil service?

Member 3

1. view on aaplya davakhana in Maharashtra
2. What Is contract farming? Did the farm laws cover it?
3. Issues faced by farmers?
4. NBS subsidy regime what is it?
5. Why India moving towards international trade in rupee?

M4 (panelist was cordial but in a hurry. asked counter but did not give me time to justify my answer. Said no problem and moved on)

1. Education health infra security which should be prioritised
2. Football tactic that can be used by lawyers in arguing a case

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any)- Had given around 5. Vajirao, Chahal, KSG, Chanakya etc. KSG was closest to the actual interview but I liked Chahal and Vajirao as well

Rahi baat utility ki, mocks can be given for confidence and facing senior people

Thank you community for all transcripts and PT related help. Thank you all online and offline friends for taking part in discussions. All the best to remaining candidates!


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