[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #316 : Smitha Nagaraj Board, Sociology Optional, Millet Cooking Hobby

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Date of Interview: 28th April Afternoon Session
Board: Honorable Smitha Nagaraj Mam
Graduation: CSE
Optional: Sociology
Hobby: Millet Cooking
Questions from Smitha mam were like long monologues and asking our opinion


  1. No introduce yourselves question
  2. Clarification in my name
  3. Discussed about migrants and asked my opinion on how they are perceived in their host state
  4. Opinion about states with huge population having more revenue

Member 1

  1. Is population a boon or bane
  2. How China developed

Member 2

  1. What is cess
  2. Discussion about why central govt resorts to cess
  3. What is 3 language formula Is it compulsory

Member 3

  1. Discussion about planned obsolescence
  2. Why millets are good
  3. Can millets be grown in all places
  4. What is the topic of your symposium
  5. How quantum Computers are different
  6. What is quantum entanglement
  7. Sociological view of happiness

Member 4

  1. What are renewable purchase obligations
  2. What is merit order dispatch
  3. Is sea level increase true
  4. Which state has low TFR?

Cant judge how the interview went. Some questions were smooth while struggled in some
Utility of mocks :Helped to boost confidence

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