[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #77 : M Sathiyavathy Board, Maithili literature Optional, IPS Service, Hindi novel Hobby

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Date of Interview: 10/02/2023 afternoon
 M Sathiyavathy
Optional: Maithili literature
Service: IPS
Hobby: Hindi novel and short film


  1. what are you doing after 2018
  2. you are already in IPS then why IAS
  3. Don’t you think law and order is important  for devlopment
  4. Prakash Singh case
  5. DGP recruitment process and your view on it
  6. if state govt  can select chief secretary then why not DGP … discussion on this..

Member 1 

  1. important feature of maithili
  2. favourite poet and reason
  3. problem of present higher education system in India and how NEP will solve it
  4. how much research in IIT happening
  5. why people become criminal..tell me the psychology behind it.

Member 2

  1. He talked about some dinkar line related with vidyapati which I don’t know
  2. if you r going for  a interview and head constable stop you for any rule break..now you have two option either give him bribe or go to police station
  3. what if you have to give 100 rupee bribe to save someone life
  4. police investigation method

Member  3

  1. how will you develop Bihar as chief secretary
  2. asked about procurement and storage
  3. Bihar people are going outside then who will work there
  4. Bihar education system status and out migration

Member 4

  1. How to control the politicisation of police
  2. why state are not implementing and how to proceed further to solve this problem
  3. Type of soil in Bihar and their cropping pattern
  4. Factor responsible for rainfall
  5. what is monsoon and it’s mechanism
  6. two type of monsoon

My experience: Most of the question is from daf . Board is co- operative and no grilling .

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