[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #83 : Smita Nagraj ma’am Board, Madhya Pradesh Home State, IFS, dance Hobby

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Date of Interview: 10/Feb/23
Time: forenoon (5th to go)
Duration: around 30 minutes
Board: Smita Nagraj ma’am
Home state: Madhya Pradesh ( morena -chambal region )
Background: BSc PCM ( no question asked)
Profession: IFS ( mostly yahi se pucha )
Hobby: Satvik movement, ghoomar dance


  1. what are you doing now?
  2. ( I replied I’m selected for ifs now)
  3. , So you joined?
  4. ( I replied I took extension because my medium for writing mains examination changed from English to Hindi by mistake so i took extension to appear into next attempt)
  5. ohh hindi medium by mistake but You managed with it hindi?
    (Seemed impress)
  6. you are in ifs so opting only for two services ie IAS and IPS
    ( I said yes mam )
  7. you come from jain community,…
  8. View on baldiksha ( child practising monkhood ) any regulation should be made on such practices?
  9. (I replied not by Govt but by community itself)
  10. So how can community do it
  11. Tyag( sacrifices) is glorified in society but none do at individual level ,why this dichotomy?
  12. why should we mandatorily scrape vehicle after some time time why not continue its its fine and emitting pollution on normal levels
  13. Okay thankyou

Member 1

  1. What is satvik moment
  2. role it played for your life
  3. Since you talked about climate change , pollution reasons why such sudden rise in recent time

Member 2

  1. What do you know about posh act ( she gave the full form and asked what you know about it)
  2. College me nh dekha ?
  3. ( I replied my apologies ki mera dhyan nahi gya mam )
  4. View on intermingling and expansion of festivals interstate like Punjab celebrating Lohri and Pongal simultaneously,and even western festivals gaining popularity , your view on that
  5. Case study –
  6. If any panel member judges any candidate who is her/his son ,what will you do ? Will you report immediately or after results if you are not in the list?
    ( I told will see rules or law. )
  7. In the absence of law?
  8. Difference between faith and trust?
  9. ( I used the word faith in my previous answer)

Member 4

  1. Faceless beurocrat- presence of civil servants on social media your view
  2. India can be defence exporter in near future , ethical concerns are there in being so ,your view point

Member 5

  1. Case study of man animal conflict
  2.  Eco-sensitive zone
  3. Chambal dacoit, why popularity film based on them
  4. Why do people support so much?

    Your interview is over
    I thanked everyone and came out !!!

    Utility of mock
    Gaining confidence
    Suggest -O2O with Ravindran sir
    Ksg ,Sankalp IAS

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