[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #92 : M Sathiyavathy Board, PSIR Optional, listening to podcasts Hobby

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Date of Interview: 16/02/2023, morning,2nd to go
Board: M Sathiyavathy
Optional: PSIR
College: NITP
Hobbies: listening to podcasts
Language: Hindi(no issue , you can speak in Hindi +English mix)
Duration: 25to 30 mins


  1. what kind of podcast/which podcast you last listened to/ multiple questions as I said true crime/question on aarushi talwar case(as I mentioned about it)
  2. China plus 1 strategy then multiple questions on pli , comparison with Vietnam, India manufacturing strategy, apple/foxconn plant in TN
  3. Why this cadre when you’re from other state
  4. How India’s image has improved in last 10-15 years .. ( economy growth+soft power, IT sector)
  5. Is India back office of the world (currently)or manufacturing hub (mebbe in future)of the world?

Member 2

  1. What makes you upset and what makes you happy
  2. things about India which makes you angry
  3. Again more questions on India manufacturing failure …PLI… Vietnam comparison etc.
  4. Why startups mostly in service sector and not in manufacturing sector

Member 3

  1. Balloon technology (I compared it with satellites ) then many questions..what are other uses apart from surveillance
  2. My name is amartya…so asked a lot of questions about amartya sen…
  3. Why so many suicides in IIT(3 suicides in last 2 days)..many questions

Member 4

  1. Media role in covering crime
  2. NIA/CBI/DRI/FIU/SFIO.. questions related to UAPA.. individual foreign terrorist..
  3. Supreme court guidelines on crime coverage

Member 5

  1. On The Argumentative Indians (book by amartya sen)
  2. Freedom of speech
  3. Reasonable restrictions in constitution
  4. Why IT act, other laws are trying to suppress free speech

Mocks-gave 4, next ias ksg, chanakya ias, forum ias
Utility – not much…in fact I became tensed when they said you need to speak mostly in language (Hindi)which you have picked..don’t use too many English words..but that doesn’t happen in actual PT

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